Client Rights That Every CNA Should Know

Clients are entitled to receiving services that will make their hospice or hospital stay worthwhile. Otherwise termed as ‘Bill of Rights,’ the list of privileges focuses on the dealings between the patient and physician in addition to the patient’s personal responsibility to participate in his treatment and make sound decisions. As main personnel in providing health care, certified nursing assistants should know these things.

The core value in providing health care services is focusing on the key person – the CLIENT. Hence, service providers should be aware of the rights their patients are entitled to. In most cases, people are not aware of the rights they are privileged with at the time of their care. These rights include the following:

Right to be Respected and Treated with Dignity

Regardless of the race, religious belief or social status that person belongs to, each client are expected to be treated with respect and dignity. Explanation of procedures, carrying-out interventions, and performing bedside care should be initiated by explaining the procedure first and asking for client’s permission.

Right to Privacy  and Confidentiality

Confidentiality means non-disclosure of patient’s medical and personal information that the health personnel discovered while caring for the patient. Disclosure may only be done with the client’s permission. The main goal of this ethical practice is for patients to open up information comfortably and freely. However, certain situations may require disclosure of patient information if personal safety or well-being is at stake.

Right to Know the Progress of Treatment

Clients should be updated with the progress of his condition. In doing so, he is privileged of obtaining the needed information in his convenience. In addition, he should be informed of alternative therapies that will alleviate the discomfort of his disease.

Right to Autonomy

The client  may choose not to undergo certain procedures that will help his or her condition. He has the freedom to decide as long as he is of sound mind and is 18 years old older. Refusal to be examined and treated is a client choice that should be respected by CNAs. In the same way, when approach by students conduct research, the client has all the right to refuse participation in the said activity.

Right to Choose an Advocate

Hiring someone or asking someone to act on the client’s behalf in any transactions is another privilege that some patients are not aware of.

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