You have acquired your certificate and you are now a Certified Nursing Assistant. You have worked and experience being a Nursing aide for a considerable amount of time. You enjoy working in a healthcare setting and realized this is your true calling. The question is would there be something more? Is your career path still a long way through? Do you see a brighter future in this field? The answer for all of this is definitely yes. Some people chose to be a CNA first in order for them to assess if the healthcare field is for them or not. It gives them a chance to experience what it feels like working in a hospital setting and then sees if they feel they are suited for it or not. If after some time and they feel that they love working and serving the sick then it is time for them to go to the next level, to be a Licensed Practical Nurse that is.

A Nurse Aide should be a LPN first before embarking on their dream to be a Registered Nurse. Being an LPN, this gives them much responsibilities but less than from a nurse. They can do much more but still they are under the supervision of a nurse or a doctor. They can give some medications and observe some adverse reactions as well as providing wound care. They also have higher salary than a nursing aide. And if they gain enough experience, they can supervise Nursing Aide as well as other LPNs. To be a LPN, a CNA should undergo added training. This is done by enrolling yourself to an LPN Program. If you don’t have time to attend a regular class, there is still an online course available that caters people who wants to be a Licensed Practical Nurse. You can choose the most convenient time for you especially if you are working by day. This training usually takes 12 to 18 months to complete. This also involves theoretical knowledge as well as practical by showing students some video presentation on how to perform a particular skill. They were taught about the different theories and concepts involve in the nursing profession such as how to observe adverse reactions or abnormal signs and symptoms. They were also taught on how to prepare themselves for emergencies since they will be working directly not only with patients and nurses but as well as doctors. They also need to take the NCLEX-PN before becoming a full pledge Licensed Practical Nurse.

Every CNA should have this chance to improve themselves and find their suitable spot on the nursing field. Especially before becoming a CNA, it requires you to find it in yourself the characteristic of a Health Aide. And that is being compassionate, understanding and patient to your client which is also what you sincerely need to be a successful LPN or in the future, a registered nurse.

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