Exam for CNA – Written and Skills

You have aced your theoretical aspect of your online CNA course. You have passed all the required training that comes with it. You have completed the number of hours needed. Now, would all of these things enough to call you a Certified Nursing Assistant or Nurse Aide? Can you have now your certificate? It is still definitely not enough. To be a Certified Nursing Assistant, it does not only end there. There are still a lot of things to be done and needs to be accomplished. Like every profession, every state needs to regulate whoever wants to be a part of their working force. They do this by issuing state regulated examination which suited whatever they required in a certain profession. This also applies to CNAs or Nursing Aides. They need to pass the required passing rate of the CNA exam provided by the state that they are applying for. The required passing rate, however, is different for every state. Therefore it is important that you get a lot of information first regarding the examination that was being provided by the place where you want to work.

Certification CNA ExamFor Certified Nursing Assistant, the examination that they need to take is the CNA certification exam or the Nurse Aide Assessment examination or also called National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). They need to be able to pass this in order to be enlisted in the Nurse Aide Registry of that certain state. This was being prepared by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. It is composed of two parts: A written examination and a skills examination. Both of these examinations are done on the same day.

a. The written CNA exam: The written part evaluates the knowledge aspect. This assesses how much the applicant has learned during his or her course. It is a multiple-choice type of exam with an average of seventy questions.

b. The skills CNA exam:  This is a hands-on type of evaluation wherein the applicant needs to perform correctly five randomly selected skills that any nursing aide should know. It is observed and graded by a designated evaluator. It is time-framed, which is usually twenty-five to thirty minutes, and done in a place that resembles an actual working place. Some of the skills that could be selected and should be performed are:

1. How to take the blood pressure, the respiratory rate, pulse and weight of a patient
2. How to assist the patient in transferring or moving
3. Giving assistance is performing patient’s personal hygiene activities.

In the case where the applicant has not able to pass the examination, they are allowed to retake the exam for at least three times within two years from the time they had passed their course. However, if they still fail after the third try, they need to attend a retraining. Once they have passed the examination, that’s the time they can have their certificates and at last, can call themselves, a Certified Nursing Assistant.

There are lots of tips that can help you to pass the exam; however, nothing beats constant practice on how to take the exam and of course, fully preparing yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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