Requisites for CNA Registration

You think you have the calling to serve the humanity? Do you have a tendency to be compassionate and always ready to help other people? Do you always have a listening ear for the woes and hopes of the sick? If your mind tells you that indeed all of this speaks all about you, then you are fit to be a certified nurse assistant.

personal care cnaA Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA is a person employed by the hospital in answer to the nursing shortage problem. They are tasked to assist the nurses and the Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN in bathing, feeding, grooming their patient and to help them ambulate. They help lessen the task done by the nurses and act as their bridge in giving holistic care to their patent. But to be a Certified Nursing Assistant, one has to undergo a series of test and exams just to earn this certificate. There are requisites for CNA registration that a person needs to take for him to have his own certificate.

Not just everyone can be a CNA or in a spur of the moment, they can call themselves that. You ought to have the following:

  • One has to have a high school diploma before undergoing or taking a CNA course or program. If you are a high school graduate and have no money to go to college or to take a 4 year course, you could then take an online course or a school that offers CNA certification. But you have to make sure that this online course is being provided by an accredited school. Otherwise, you don’t want to have all your efforts gone to waste.
  • Undergo Training. An online CNA program would usually last for 12 weeks and composed of 50 hours of theory educations and 100 hours of training where you can apply everything that you have learned. The knowledge aspect will teach you all the basic knowledge that you need to learn all about nutrition, anatomy and physiology, infection control, medical terminologies and of course, client rights. In terms of applying your knowledge, you are required then to undergo a clinically supervised training where you are exposed to the activities being done in a clinical setting. You need to pass this all before you are allowed to take a competency exam or the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program or NNAAP.
  • Take a competency exam or National Nurse Aid Assessment Program or NNAAP. This should be state regulated and it is composed of a written examination as well as a skill evaluation exam where you need to successfully perform 5 selected skills that any Nursing Aide should know. If you’ll be able to do this and be able to pass, then you are now a Certified Nursing Assistant.

These are all the requisites for you to gain a certificate. It means that all people who want to be a Nursing Aide need to pass and experience this all. So do your best to pass and be the most compassionate and understanding Nursing Aides that you dream to become.

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  1. I’m a proud nurse. One good thing about us is we have a CNA er LPN where we could delegate a task.. But there are lots of scope in nursing that should not be delegated like charting, assessing, perform nursing procedures, and etc..

  2. We have great CNAs here in Australia.
    They are called AIN Assistant in Nursing or PCA Personal Care Attendant/Assistant.
    Our version of LPN is called EN Enrolled Nurse.
    We call RNs RNs just like you in USA.
    I’ve been an EN for 26yrs and still love it.
    Doing my Bachelor of Nursing now to be RN qualified.
    Greetings from Australia.

  3. Well…..There is now the CMA…..certified medication aides….requirements. …have to be a CNA….course is only 2 days..One day classroom and the next day at an Assisted Living where they practice to give medication…..then an exam on line… State Certified of course. …so CNA’s are moving up …dont have to feel like they are overworked, not recognized or appreciated by some “RN’s”….go for it CNA’s. …The sky is the limit….do the RN program, ..all over info is on the gmcf website

  4. I have been a CNA for 13 years and graduated nursing school but have not taken my boards yet. At times I do get frustrated because when I become a nurse I am going to face many issues with switching my role. Currently I work at a fantastic place with the nurses are wonderful and participate and help with anything that a CNA need including changing feeding and all of the above I have never found that in any other place I have work in the last 13 years. I do hope that one day CNA’s can get a little more appreciation but as a CNA myself you will always know in your heart how much you affect someone’s life but I also see and I’m scared that after I am working as a nurse as time passes the nurse has different responsibilities and just have to always remember how hard the CNA’s work and they do spend sometimes more time w patients than nurses. If we just could get the ratios a little bit better I feel we would have a better connection with our coworkers.

  5. I don’t buy that there’s a nursing shortage based on the statistics regarding the matter. This is an administrative tactic to manipulate who the health institution hires, and it’s all bottom line driven. There are plenty of qualified applicants out there, but for various reasons they aren’t hired. Could be the level of degree (BSN over associates), or other factors. Since I went into nursing school (1986) they have reported a shortage, yet nursing school enrollment and graduates churned out is quite high as compared to other college majors. So how is there a shortage? I think it’s purposeful understaffing.

  6. My past experienced …although i’m younger than other CNA, if i will deligate a task for them…would make an allibies. But i have to be firm in a tactful way. Nothing is personal.

  7. Kathryn Spellman-Bauer- you are incorrect. I am a Traveling CNA, and I can tell you for FACT that there is a nurse shortage, as well as a shortage of SKILLED, COMPETENT CNA’s. It may not be in your hometown. There are many, many places that have to hire travelers like me due to those shortages.

  8. I have to tell you I’ve been a nurse for 44 yrs and I find it alittle disrespectful that the RN’s are classified as nurses but the LPN’s are just classified as LPN ‘s. When u made your statement about CNA’s helping the nurses it should have stopped there. Don’t get me wrong I totally respect RN’s but like Janet said we are nurses too.

  9. I find it funny in a way that when I worked as a CNA that’s all ya heard .. ur just a CNA .. I’m now an LPN and again .. ur just an LPN … Wonder if the NP’s say the same thing about the RNs .. just sayin! We are ALL a part of the team and all have a certain job to do no matter what initials are after our name.

  10. We are all part of the patient care team and nothing makes me madder than” you are just a CNA or LPN ,) ALL R N’s should start as CNA so you know what is asked of them and will appreciate them and Never say “just” again and give them ( and LPNs) the respect they deserve!

  11. I’m an LPN and I started as a CNA. I agree. Working your way up is a good thing. Some RN’s where I work are alittle to big for their britches and need to be knocked down a peg or two. Do my job for a week in rehab nursing and we will talk.

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