Tips for CNAs

Abby, has been working as a certified nursing assistant for a few weeks now. She had been waiting for this moment for so long, however, despite it being her dream, she couldn’t help but feel exhausted. Everything feel too much for her. She feels drained, as if she already wants to take a break. Is this job really that draining? Or am I taking things the wrong way? She finds herself asking as she collapses on her bed and recharges herself for another draining day tomorrow.

If you are a new CNA and is feeling the same way as Abby, then here are a few tricks and tips to help you get through and even enjoy your career as a certified nursing assistant.

Always be prepared

Always keep your essentials on hand as by doing so, you can react quickly when needed. You can do this by preparing and using a basic work kit. You can stock a waist pouch with spare gloves, pens, a watch, and other supplies so that you know right where to reach when you need essential tools.

Plan wisely

In a profession where there a lot of things to do, it is important that you plan your day wisely so as not to overlook some tasks. Make a list of what needs to be done and arrange them according to priority, from the most important and urgent to the least. Work through your list to ensure everything is done before the end of your shift.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Sometimes, things get too much and you feel like you can’t do everything by yourself. Know where and when to ask for a lending hand. Ask colleagues for help when it’s truly warranted.

Avoid distractions

In this profession, you couldn’t afford to make mistakes as even the smallest ones can lead to grave consequences. So, it is important to always stay focused and concentrated on your job. Do not let distractions get to you. For example, you can do this by turning off your smartphone during your shift and avoiding checking personal emails and browsing through the internet while using the workplace computer. You can also avoid chit-chatting with your friends during work. This way, you can pay more attention to the task you are performing and not get sidetracked.

Help when you can

Remember what was said about delegation and asking your coworkers to lend a hand earlier? The situation works both ways. Whenever you’re not too busy, help others in need if you can. They will always remember it and may even do the same to you if ever the situation gets reversed in the future. As the saying goes, treat others how you would like to be treated.

However, it is important to remember that you should not drop an important task to help someone else.

Take care of yourself

You help save lives, you promote health, thus, you should also do the same to yourself. Always make sure that you stay hydrated, eat healthy food and get plenty of sleep. Avoid staying too late as much as you can and try to exercise. By taking good care of yourself, you will also be able to take care of your patients more efficiently.


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