CNA Skills – Taking Axillary Temperature

CNA Skills – Axillary Temperature to measure body temperature per axilla

1. Wipe the axilla (armpit) with soft dry wash cloth or ball of absorbent cotton to remove moisture. Do not rub.
2. Prevent contact with clothing


Key Points

1. Put bulb of thermometer on the center with other end slanting towards the body after drying it with a firm twitching motion Chemical solution may irritate the skin. Cotton with aid of friction aids in removing the solution
2. Have the patient grasp the opposite shoulder with hand To prevent it from falling
3. Leave it in place for 5 to 8 minutes When the bulb rest against the superficial blood vessels, in the axilla and skin surfaces are brought together to reduce the amount of air surrounding the bulb a reliable measurement of body temperature can be obtained
4. Remove, read and shake the thermometer


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