Requisites for CNA Registration

You think you have the calling to serve the humanity? Do you have a tendency to be compassionate and always ready to help other people? Do you always have a listening ear for the woes and hopes of the sick? If your mind tells you that indeed all of this speaks all about you, then you are fit to be a certified nurse assistant.

personal care cnaA Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA is a person employed by the hospital in answer to the nursing shortage problem. They are tasked to assist the nurses and the Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN in bathing, feeding, grooming their patient and to help them ambulate. They help lessen the task done by the nurses and act as their bridge in giving holistic care to their patent. But to be a Certified Nursing Assistant, one has to undergo a series of test and exams just to earn this certificate. There are requisites for CNA registration that a person needs to take for him to have his own certificate.

Not just everyone can be a CNA or in a spur of the moment, they can call themselves that. You ought to have the following:

  • One has to have a high school diploma before undergoing or taking a CNA course or program. If you are a high school graduate and have no money to go to college or to take a 4 year course, you could then take an online course or a school that offers CNA certification. But you have to make sure that this online course is being provided by an accredited school. Otherwise, you don’t want to have all your efforts gone to waste.
  • Undergo Training. An online CNA program would usually last for 12 weeks and composed of 50 hours of theory educations and 100 hours of training where you can apply everything that you have learned. The knowledge aspect will teach you all the basic knowledge that you need to learn all about nutrition, anatomy and physiology, infection control, medical terminologies and of course, client rights. In terms of applying your knowledge, you are required then to undergo a clinically supervised training where you are exposed to the activities being done in a clinical setting. You need to pass this all before you are allowed to take a competency exam or the National Nurse Aid Assessment Program or NNAAP.
  • Take a competency exam or National Nurse Aid Assessment Program or NNAAP. This should be state regulated and it is composed of a written examination as well as a skill evaluation exam where you need to successfully perform 5 selected skills that any Nursing Aide should know. If you’ll be able to do this and be able to pass, then you are now a Certified Nursing Assistant.

These are all the requisites for you to gain a certificate. It means that all people who want to be a Nursing Aide need to pass and experience this all. So do your best to pass and be the most compassionate and understanding Nursing Aides that you dream to become.

Sure-fire Tips on How to Get a CNA Certification from Online CNA Program

The healthcare business continues to thrive as many people need help and assistance with their health problems. There are positions that are on the rise right now just to meet these shortages. One of this is by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA; they are the one who assist the nurses and the Licensed Practical Nurse in giving care to the patients. There are many schools now that offer this course and provide training for those who want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. However, for those who don’t have an accredited school near their home, online classes is the answer for their problem. Many choose to enroll themselves with this kind of courses for convenience purposes and also for people who does not have that much to spend to go to a regular school.

Online CNA certification programs have made aspiring health care assistants to attain quality nursing education within their available time. So even if you have a family or joggling around within a busy schedule, online courses are very convenient for you.

cna certification onlineHere are the tips on how to get a CNA certification from online CNA programs:

C –Calling to be certified: A Calling is very complex to describe. It is a driving force that you can feel within that motivates a person to do things which satisfies him or her personally. There is a self-fulfillment that is felt upon accomplishing such tasks. A job can be also a calling when it satisfies not only financially but personally. So if you see yourself that being a nursing assistant is your calling, do your best to be a certified nursing assistant. Grab the offers online by entering the keywords such as “online CNA classes” or “CNA classes online”. The online editions of educational materials for certified nursing assistant comes in different methods so feel free to choose from.

N – Now is the time to start: Planning for taking online CNA courses must not take too long since most of the educational materials kept on revising through time. Once you have decided to enroll in an online course, never hesitate to start in now and finish it in an ample time in order to prevent yourself to lose interest. Grabbing the opportunity in taking up the CNA online courses now entails you to gain the fresh and updated nursing care assistant education. Make sure to check the online course if it is accredited by National League of Nursing Accredited Commission. This agency ensures quality nursing care education for all especially for those acquiring it online. Their regulatory measures make your time and money worth spending in order to get certified someday.

A – Alley with hospital experience: Most of the online courses of certified nursing assistant are theoretical in nature but practical enough to help you in clinical exposures. It is well encouraged to practice whatever nursing care lessons you have taken up online in a true hospital setting. This means that you need to have a period of time to volunteer in an accredited hospital. Most of the CNA courses online provide hospital affiliations to help you explore nursing the sick.  There are prescribed number of hours that must be completed in order to give the board of certification a basis of your certification as a nursing assistant. Most of the time, while you are in the hospital for the clinical exposure you will apply the lessons in anatomy, infection control as well as environmental control in providing comfort to patients.

Time is constantly changing and there are updates and innovations in every aspect of life, therefore, it is important that you keep up with these changes.

Following these tips in how to get a CNA certification from online CNA programs could be a sure-fire hit for you to achieve your lifelong dream.

How to become a CNA?

Most probably, you’ve heard of more and more interested people joining the trend of becoming a CNA. But what is a CNA?

A CNA or a certified nursing assistant is considered the primary caregiver of clients in several health agencies. In fact, with the rising numbers of the elderly in the population of Western countries, the demand for certified nursing assistants also increases. Also, with more people becoming more concerned and knowledgeable with their health and their rights, the need for qualified personnel also steps up. With the heavy workload of registered nurses, certified nursing assistants are the ones rendering basic and direct care to the clients.

CNAs are responsible for the grooming, hygiene, feeding, transfers, and ambulation of the clients. Aside from these manual assistance they give to their clients, certified nursing assistants are also the ones the clients talk to about their personal concerns and worries. To become a good certified nursing assistant, one needs to be physically and emotionally healthy.

To become a CNA, you need to enroll in a school that offers a CNA program course. Each state usually has community colleges and vocational or technical schools that offer this course. Nursing homes may also offer this program. If you have all the time to go back to school and attend your classes as scheduled dutifully, then by all means, enroll in a school or a nursing school.

The course usually takes about six to twelve weeks to finish. If you need more flexibility for your time, however, you can also opt to study and finish the CNA course online. There are various schools that offer this program online. Just make sure that the school is accredited by National League for Nursing Accredited Commission so that your credits will be recognized and accepted. Online classes may require six weeks to a few months depending on the time you allot for your classes. But either way of studying for the course would still allow you to become a CNA.

The CNA course usually have lectures, laboratory practices for the traditional schools, and clinical practicum with real clients in an actual clinical setting. When you’ve finished the number of hours required to finish the course, you’ll now be ready to take the final step. The last step is getting the certification by passing the CNA State Examination. The CNA State Exam includes two parts: written and demonstration. This would test your knowledge and skills necessary in becoming a CNA. After passing this, you now have the key to enter the world of nursing assistants and the perks that come with it.