(CNA) Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Information

With the global economic recession, more and more people are getting layoff from their jobs adding to the number of the unemployed. As such, the competition for having a job, much more for a stable one, is getting stiffer everyday. Even the rich and powerful countries are not spared from this dilemma, thereby creating a major impact on their workforce. Thus, jobs that are conventionally done by one person results into two individuals doing it. This explains the rise of assistants to major professions, nursing included. Certified nursing assistants are not only the result of this economic problem, but also more of the demand to take care of the retiring and soon to retire baby boomers. And with the inverted triangle population profile, it’s inevitable that more and more aging people need to be taken cared of. Aside from the typical hospitals, this explains the sprouting of various nursing homes, adult care centers, long term facilities, and home care services. Indeed, CNA as a career is for the long run. Job opportunities for the medical field never run out. It will always need individuals who will render needed care for both the sick and the well as most people are becoming conscious of their health. But with the downplay of the economy, you would also need a job that pays well to sustain you and your family. Is CNA the job?

The training required to become a certified nursing assistant is short enough not to make a huge dent on your wallet. Also, there are institutions that offer free CNA training to those who deserve and need it. You just need to invest time and effort in learning the ropes of the profession. After passing the CNA state exam where you intend to practice your profession, you can savor the financial gains that come with your chosen job. You want specifics on the wages you are about to earn? Here is the certified nursing assistant salary information that will provide you on what you want to know.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary

Certified Nursing Assistant SalaryThe salary depends on your job experience, type of health facility and the state where you are about to practice. For the job experience, the more experienced you are as a CNA, the higher your salary will be. Definitely, CNAs working on the urbanized areas are paid better than those in the rural areas. If you work in a big hospital, you will receive more than those who work in a small long term care facility.  Metropolitan states like California and Nevada can afford to pay their nursing aides more compared to Alabama and Georgia. If you want figures, the annual salary for a CNA with very little to no experience is at the very least around $19,000. Sounds promising for a newbie, right? Well, here’s more. If you have more experience and you practice in the posh New York City, you can earn as much as $31,200 annually.

Now that you know how you can be paid more as a CNA, choose and review your options well so you can get the best out of being a nursing assistant.

Performance Evaluation – Are they really helping CNA’s?

In every healthcare institution, it is part of their regulations to conduct a performance appraisal. It is a part of every orientation that employees are made aware of an evaluation done every month, quarterly, annually or depending on what the institution had set. Performance Appraisal is a way of employers to evaluate employees of their job performance. This is done to know the status of an employee and see if he is up for a promotion, demotion or salary increase. This is also to know if what the employers should do to improve or further hone the skills and capabilities of their employees such as counseling and training. This is also a way for the employee to know if what areas he should improve or what are his weaknesses and strengths. Performance Appraisal is simply a feedback of the employee’s performance for an allotted time.

However, in the case of Certified Nursing Assistant, do performance evaluation is really helping them? Just like every employees in an institution, health Aide are also required to undergo performance appraisal by their employers, their supervisors, or by their peers. This is the way for them to know their work performance for a period of time. Are this very helpful for them? Yes, it is. Just as what mentioned, performance Appraisal aimed to help employees to do their job much better. This is a chance for them to know which area they are lacking and needs to be improved. This could help them improve their skills and work performance. This is also a way for them to feel appreciated as this could be the chance for their employers to reward them for whatever they are good at. This is also a chance for the health aide to attend trainings and seminars that could further hone their skills as what their management think would be better for them.

However, the effects of performance appraisal would all depend on how the employee perceived it. If he took it as a positive feedback, then he would see it as a chance to improve and to be better for her work. But if he see it as negative, then improvement would be harder for them. They would either take it against their employer or see it as a way to degrade themselves. So positive outlook is very important and see that they are always a work in progress.

It is important then, that Certified Nursing Assistant would see performance evaluation as a way to help them and not the other way around.