How much does a CNA earn?

Being a certified nursing assistant nowadays can be demanding both physically and mentally. Aside from intangible knowledge about the human body and how to make it come in a calm state despite the illnesses, as a CNA this job can also be financially rewarding one. However, with the fast paced like we have sometimes you might think is the earning of CNA enough? This is a question that might have been roaming around the minds of newly employed CNAs. An earning from one employer can be enough if you have minimal needs.

An average pay of a CNA in an 8 hour job could be between $10.50 to $12.10 per hour for a private agency such as private nursing homes. Others may even opt to have short term employment from nursing care homes so that they can maximize their time – that means they work from two to three employers making them earn triple when staying with a single employer.

Earning financially as a CNA may actually depend upon numerous factors. Annually a certain CNA may earn between $30,000 to $50,000 and that depends on the creativity of the person to earn such amount. Here are some determinants of the potential pay a CNA can have:

1. Type of employment – an employment might be under a private or public sector. A private agency may offer the CNA an ample amount of pay monthly. Such private institutions can be private nursing homes or geriatric care homes. For government owned institutions this may include hospitals or mental institutions that my offer minimal pays but the benefits and stability of work is guaranteed over the years.

2. Location of the employment – The pay of the CNA may actually depend upon the location of the employment. Farther assignments may also entitle you to have other allowances such as trip allowance that is separate from the take home pay.

3. Facilities – Different types of facilities can also demand a varied work load for CNAs. From hospitals to private patient care many options are actually available for each personality of the CNA. There are times that the CNA wants to work with a team, so he or she can choose working on a hospital setting. Others may opt working alone or with less supervision which can be found for those who want to work with a patient or long-term care.

Thinking through about CNA earnings, the word “enough” can be really subjective. A CNA can actually claim that he or she is earning enough to cover his or her expenses and rent. Some may say it is not enough since he or she has a growing family. With the advancements in health care, CNAs gain popularity in terms of being an important part of the health care team. So earning of CNAs can be actually unlimited. It only depends on how resourceful a CNA can actually.