Join the Bandwagon: Why you should be a CNA

Ria is about to graduate from high school and is currently looking up potential career choices. What do I see myself in the future as? What do I want to be? She finds herself asking. Several choices pop in her mind and a whole lot more keep popping up as she does her research. However, there is one career which really intrigues her. One which has attracted many and is doing the same to her. She couldn’t seem to get it off her mind.

Maybe this is it. Maybe this is just the job for me. She tells herself, feeling hopeful. But still, despite knowing that this is the profession she’s looking for, she couldn’t help but feel curious as to how much more the job has to offer. What else is there to discover? Is there something else she should know about? Why should hopefuls like her consider a career being a CNA? Let’s find out.

Reasons why you should consider being a Certified Nursing Assistant

  • It offers a steady employment

If consistency s what you’re looking for, then this is just what the job offers. While in other jobs you wouldn’t know how many hours from one week to the next, in this job, your work schedule is steady as most facilities promise 40 hours a week and try to keep the schedule similar from one week to the next.

  • It also offers job stability

Nowadays, it is important to find a career which will assure you that you will always have a job, that you won’t go worrying whether or not you will still be employed in the next month or so. For CNAs, the demand will always be there, and will continue to grow. It is also predicted that in the coming years, the demand will increase.

  • It’s affordable

In order to become a CNA, you can take various community classes, many of which are available online. Some of these courses are even offered for free. Furthermore, a CNA has certification rather than a degree, which makes the education process much quicker.

  • You have the chance to work in a variety of settings/sectors

CNAs can work from a small retirement community in a rural state to a major hospital in a big city, a private clinic to assisted living facilities. You can work almost anywhere.

  • The job is emotionally rewarding

It always feels nice to have the ability to help people. In this career, you also have the chance to develop your relationship with your patient.

  • It offers a transferable credit

Your CNA experience may be classed as a transferable credit for further education, even in non-nursing fields.

  • Short training period

Training to become a CNA doesn’t take long. Before the facility can allow you to care for the patients, the federal government does insist that you receive 75 hours of training. Once you’ve completed that, you will be able to care for patients and work for full pay. You can also train online.

  • You will have flexible working schedule

You can work your way around your schedule. You won’t have to give up work to do other things such as studying. Before the facility can allow you to care for the patients, the federal government does insist that you receive 75 hours of training. Once you’ve completed that, you will be able to care for patients and work for full pay.

  • It offers a good salary

The median salary of a CNA is $24,000 nationally, which is not too bad considering that you don’t need a college degree and training can be completed in as little as six weeks.







How to become a CNA?

Most probably, you’ve heard of more and more interested people joining the trend of becoming a CNA. But what is a CNA?

A CNA or a certified nursing assistant is considered the primary caregiver of clients in several health agencies. In fact, with the rising numbers of the elderly in the population of Western countries, the demand for certified nursing assistants also increases. Also, with more people becoming more concerned and knowledgeable with their health and their rights, the need for qualified personnel also steps up. With the heavy workload of registered nurses, certified nursing assistants are the ones rendering basic and direct care to the clients.

CNAs are responsible for the grooming, hygiene, feeding, transfers, and ambulation of the clients. Aside from these manual assistance they give to their clients, certified nursing assistants are also the ones the clients talk to about their personal concerns and worries. To become a good certified nursing assistant, one needs to be physically and emotionally healthy.

To become a CNA, you need to enroll in a school that offers a CNA program course. Each state usually has community colleges and vocational or technical schools that offer this course. Nursing homes may also offer this program. If you have all the time to go back to school and attend your classes as scheduled dutifully, then by all means, enroll in a school or a nursing school.

The course usually takes about six to twelve weeks to finish. If you need more flexibility for your time, however, you can also opt to study and finish the CNA course online. There are various schools that offer this program online. Just make sure that the school is accredited by National League for Nursing Accredited Commission so that your credits will be recognized and accepted. Online classes may require six weeks to a few months depending on the time you allot for your classes. But either way of studying for the course would still allow you to become a CNA.

The CNA course usually have lectures, laboratory practices for the traditional schools, and clinical practicum with real clients in an actual clinical setting. When you’ve finished the number of hours required to finish the course, you’ll now be ready to take the final step. The last step is getting the certification by passing the CNA State Examination. The CNA State Exam includes two parts: written and demonstration. This would test your knowledge and skills necessary in becoming a CNA. After passing this, you now have the key to enter the world of nursing assistants and the perks that come with it.