What to Know About CNA – Providing Quality Care

Certified Nursing Assistant can always be found on the side of the bed of the patient. They are required to always assist the patients in almost everything especially if the patient could not do it by themselves. It is their job to assist the patient in bathing, grooming and feeding them. They are also in need to accompany the patient whenever they would go to the laboratory for some tests. They also assist them in ambulating and provide them with some range of motion activities. They also need to keep the patient’s room in order and clean.  With all of these, where does quality care come in then?

personal care cnaQuality care means providing care with an excellent standard. This also means providing care that improves the status of the health of the patient. With the job that a Nurse Aide does, there is always the call for a quality care. As a Nurse Aide, you are always required to be with the patient almost all of your working hours. You are considered to be the front line for the institution that you work for. You work very closely with the patient and you are the best person to know or notice any improvement or deterioration in the condition of the patient. In everything that you do for the patient, you contribute to their recovery a lot. You make things easier for them during the time when their own strengths fail them. Being with them also presents an opportunity to hear them out.

  • You could be their listening ears when there is no one around.
  • You could listen to their worries and problems as well as their needs.
  • Equipped with good communication skills, you could be what they really need.

It is not only physical that you are taking care of; you are also helping them emotionally, socially and spiritually. It is giving holistic quality care. You also act as the bridge between the nurse and the patient thus you could relay to the nurse what the patient needs. After all, what the patient needs is one of your priorities. During the giving of care, it is also important that you always show compassion, understanding and patience to your patient, no matter how demanding and sometimes unbearable they are. You always need to show this to them but also making sure that you are not violated.

You, as what mentioned, is the front liner of the institution therefore, quality care should always be your best asset.  This is what everyone should know of about CNA.