CNA Job Interview Tips

After acing the CNA State Exam and completing the necessary requirements, you are now ready to practice what you’ve learned and worked hard for. It’s now high time to scout for that dream CNA job that will not only fulfill your mission of serving humanity, but a career that will likewise pay your bills and feed you.

Every fresh graduate, and even those who are looking for a new job, normally finds it nerve-wracking to sit in for an interview. Thus, to make sure the interview goes well even for a first-timer, it is important to keep in mind some useful tips on the interview process, which includes sufficient preparation and a lot of confidence.

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The first tip is to prepare for the interview by anticipating questions. Since all institutions prefer someone who is genuinely interested in working with them, one must do his own assignment: research. Find out about the institution’s background, vision and mission, and statement of principles. That way, you will be able to figure out what you can contribute to the institution, and whether you would adapt to their working environment. It is also important to gather information on the position you are applying for, which includes the specific responsibilities and the experience needed for them to evaluate how you qualify. That way, you will already have potential answers to questions like “Why should we hire you?” Most importantly, anticipate questions or clarifications related to what you’ve written on your resume and application letter. The art of preparation, however, is not aimed at coming up with rehearsed answers but rather, well-thought ones.

The second tip revolves around what to do and what not to do during the interview itself. Among other important things, punctuality is crucial. It is thus best to arrive around 10 minutes before your scheduled time, so as not to make negative impressions. Certainly, first impressions still make or break an interview; hence, it will also be better to come in decent semi-formal attire, which shows a degree of professionalism and good taste. Make sure you also have a copy of your resume/application letter with you in case of emergency. Courtesy and good manners are also a must—always remember basic greetings and, if possible, shake hands with the interviewer before and after the interview.

Listen well, avoid distractions and interrupting the interviewer, and answer concisely and honestly. One must remember that the most important thing to bring is confidence—be spontaneous, but allow yourself to think before you talk, and leave a remarkable impression. It might also be good to note that while the interview is a measure to get to know more about you, you should also not forget that this is also a chance for you to get to know about them. Ask questions at the right time, and clarify your doubts—show your interest in the institution and do not be afraid to ask about the work schedule, the work load/arrangement, and the salary and benefits.

When the interview is done, make sure to thank the interviewer. Let them know that you are seriously interested in the job or the institution by asking them when you will be contacted for the results. Should they not call you back within the intended time, you may follow them up. Keep in mind though that interviews are normally structured differently depending on the institution or interviewer, so also make space for unexpected questions or procedures. At the end of the day, what is important is to prepare for what you can, and win them over with your confidence and grace!

What to Know About CNA – Providing Quality Care

Certified Nursing Assistant can always be found on the side of the bed of the patient. They are required to always assist the patients in almost everything especially if the patient could not do it by themselves. It is their job to assist the patient in bathing, grooming and feeding them. They are also in need to accompany the patient whenever they would go to the laboratory for some tests. They also assist them in ambulating and provide them with some range of motion activities. They also need to keep the patient’s room in order and clean.  With all of these, where does quality care come in then?

personal care cnaQuality care means providing care with an excellent standard. This also means providing care that improves the status of the health of the patient. With the job that a Nurse Aide does, there is always the call for a quality care. As a Nurse Aide, you are always required to be with the patient almost all of your working hours. You are considered to be the front line for the institution that you work for. You work very closely with the patient and you are the best person to know or notice any improvement or deterioration in the condition of the patient. In everything that you do for the patient, you contribute to their recovery a lot. You make things easier for them during the time when their own strengths fail them. Being with them also presents an opportunity to hear them out.

  • You could be their listening ears when there is no one around.
  • You could listen to their worries and problems as well as their needs.
  • Equipped with good communication skills, you could be what they really need.

It is not only physical that you are taking care of; you are also helping them emotionally, socially and spiritually. It is giving holistic quality care. You also act as the bridge between the nurse and the patient thus you could relay to the nurse what the patient needs. After all, what the patient needs is one of your priorities. During the giving of care, it is also important that you always show compassion, understanding and patience to your patient, no matter how demanding and sometimes unbearable they are. You always need to show this to them but also making sure that you are not violated.

You, as what mentioned, is the front liner of the institution therefore, quality care should always be your best asset.  This is what everyone should know of about CNA.

What to Know About CNA – Client-Oriented Care

A certified nursing assistant or CNA are fast becoming in demand professions nowadays. With the inevitable retirement age approaching a large number of the population, the need to take care of both the well and the sick elderly also increases. Also, with the baby boomers expecting to hit the nursing homes and adult care centers soon, more and more qualified personnel are necessary to accommodate this growing need. Thus, CNA as a career path seems promising and holds a bright future. As a profession in the medical field, there’s always a steady supply, if not overflowing, of job opportunities waiting to be filled up. To filter those who have a desire to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to enroll yourself in a CNA training course and get the necessary knowledge, skills and credentials. After which, you need to pass the CNA state exam to get your certification and practice your profession. It may sound easy, but there are still a lot of things you need to know in order to be a good certified nursing assistant, as the short duration lectures and clinical experience may not suffice for you to fully get hold of your duties and responsibilities. With many CNA aspirants joining in the bandwagon, you may consider upgrading your knowledge and skills to compete with them fully armed.  One of the things you need to learn is about the care you are expected to give your clients. So what is there to know about CNA – client-oriented care?

With the evolution of technology and needs of man, the client-oriented care system surfaced. It brings all services and care providers to the client. It is designed to focus on the needs of the client, rather than the needs of the members of the hospital staff. All client services are decentralized to the client’s area, including radiology and pharmacy services.  Staffing is also based on the client’s needs. In the client-centered care, there is an effort for the right person to do the right thing. With this care, the client will perceive improved care and service and the institution will achieve cost savings.

As a member of the health care team, your priority is always the client. Hospitals and other health facilities would not exist if not for the clients who both want need medical services. Putting the client’s health and well-being first is the primary responsibility and duty of a nurse, nursing assistants included. As such, focusing on your client’s need will yield to satisfactory results to the client’s health as well as to the financial health of the agency. Thus, as the front line in rendering care to the clients, make sure to give them the best quality nursing care there is and keep your client’s satisfied with the services, and most likely, you’ll be able to keep your profession, along with the salary that comes with it.

Sure-fire Tips on How to Get a CNA Certification from Online CNA Program

The healthcare business continues to thrive as many people need help and assistance with their health problems. There are positions that are on the rise right now just to meet these shortages. One of this is by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA; they are the one who assist the nurses and the Licensed Practical Nurse in giving care to the patients. There are many schools now that offer this course and provide training for those who want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. However, for those who don’t have an accredited school near their home, online classes is the answer for their problem. Many choose to enroll themselves with this kind of courses for convenience purposes and also for people who does not have that much to spend to go to a regular school.

Online CNA certification programs have made aspiring health care assistants to attain quality nursing education within their available time. So even if you have a family or joggling around within a busy schedule, online courses are very convenient for you.

cna certification onlineHere are the tips on how to get a CNA certification from online CNA programs:

C –Calling to be certified: A Calling is very complex to describe. It is a driving force that you can feel within that motivates a person to do things which satisfies him or her personally. There is a self-fulfillment that is felt upon accomplishing such tasks. A job can be also a calling when it satisfies not only financially but personally. So if you see yourself that being a nursing assistant is your calling, do your best to be a certified nursing assistant. Grab the offers online by entering the keywords such as “online CNA classes” or “CNA classes online”. The online editions of educational materials for certified nursing assistant comes in different methods so feel free to choose from.

N – Now is the time to start: Planning for taking online CNA courses must not take too long since most of the educational materials kept on revising through time. Once you have decided to enroll in an online course, never hesitate to start in now and finish it in an ample time in order to prevent yourself to lose interest. Grabbing the opportunity in taking up the CNA online courses now entails you to gain the fresh and updated nursing care assistant education. Make sure to check the online course if it is accredited by National League of Nursing Accredited Commission. This agency ensures quality nursing care education for all especially for those acquiring it online. Their regulatory measures make your time and money worth spending in order to get certified someday.

A – Alley with hospital experience: Most of the online courses of certified nursing assistant are theoretical in nature but practical enough to help you in clinical exposures. It is well encouraged to practice whatever nursing care lessons you have taken up online in a true hospital setting. This means that you need to have a period of time to volunteer in an accredited hospital. Most of the CNA courses online provide hospital affiliations to help you explore nursing the sick.  There are prescribed number of hours that must be completed in order to give the board of certification a basis of your certification as a nursing assistant. Most of the time, while you are in the hospital for the clinical exposure you will apply the lessons in anatomy, infection control as well as environmental control in providing comfort to patients.

Time is constantly changing and there are updates and innovations in every aspect of life, therefore, it is important that you keep up with these changes.

Following these tips in how to get a CNA certification from online CNA programs could be a sure-fire hit for you to achieve your lifelong dream.