CNA Skills – Colostomy Irrigation

CNA Skills – Colostomy Irrigation is the introduction of sterile solution through the artificial abdominal anus Purpose: 1. To wash out the colon of feces, gas excess mucus, bacteria and any toxic agent that may be present 2. To promote healing of the obstructing lesion by gentle, warm irrigation 3. To give comfort to the patient 4. To teach the patient how to clean the colon 5. To establish good bowel habit Precautions: 1. Strict aseptic technique should be observed throughout the procedure 2. Dressing should not be done during mealtime (it will destroy patients appetite) 3. Never rub stoma (opening) 4. Never use cotton Procedure Key Points 1. Prepare … [Read more...]

CNA Skills – Catheterization – Female

CNA Skills - Catheterization (Female) is the introduction of Catheter through the urethra into the bladder for general purpose of withdrawing urine from the bladder. Purposes: To get a clean specimen of urine as possible for diagnostic purposes To remove urine when the patient is unable to void or when it is not desirable for the patient to void Sometimes, to prevent bedwetting if the patient is incontinent To insure safety preceding an abdominal operation To determine whether the failure to void a normal amount is due to inability to expel urine from the bladder (urinary retention) or failure of the kidneys to secrete urine (suppression) To determine residual … [Read more...]

CNA Skills – Blood Pressure Taking

CNA Skills – Blood Pressure Taking the pressure exerted by blood against the walls of the blood vessels usually referring to the pressure within the arteries Purpose: 1. To determine the condition of the patient as revealed by diastolic and systolic pressure 2. To aid in medical diagnosis Special Considerations: 1. Keep the patient physically or emotionally quiet because excitement or exercises raises blood pressure 2. Use either arm in taking blood pressure, although recorded BP recording differ at times 3. Too hard pressure on the brachial artery with the belt of the stethoscope prevents sounds from coming through Procedure Key Points 1. Ask the patient to … [Read more...]

CNA Skills – Bladder Irrigation

CNA Skills – Bladder Irrigation or Vesical Douche is the washing of the urinary bladder with sterile water or antiseptic solution by means of catheter introduces into the bladder through the urethra or cytostomy tube. Purpose: To test potency of retained catheter To cleanse the bladder, relieve congestion To medicate mucosal lining of bladder To prevent clogging of retention catheter with calculus, sediment, blood clots and mucus Procedure Key Points 1. Bring all equipment to bed side To save time and motion 2. Screen bed 3. Explain procedure to patient For psychological effect and gain cooperation 4. Place patient in a comfortable … [Read more...]