CNA Skills – Assisting Physical Examination

CNA Skills – Assisting Physical Examination is the process of aiding the physician during physical examinations.

The purpose of this skill is to prepare the patient for physical examination and to reassure the patient during the examination in such a way that is done with the least discomfort and exposure of the patient if possible.


Key Points

1. Explain to the patient what is going to be done and its relation to his condition To gain patient’s cooperation
2. Cover the patient’s body with sheet, loosen the patient’s gown and cover chest with the hand towel
3. Bring equipment to the bedside and notify the physician To save time and motion
4. Anticipate the physician’s move Stand at the opposite side of the bed from doctor. Instruct patient to turn head away from the doctor during examination
5. When examining the patient’s abdomen, ask the patient to reflex his knees To relax the abdominal muscles
6. After the examination, discard used tongue depressors, applicators and gloves

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