CNA Skills – Bladder Irrigation

CNA Skills – Bladder Irrigation or Vesical Douche is the washing of the urinary bladder with sterile water or antiseptic solution by means of catheter introduces into the bladder through the urethra or cytostomy tube.


  1. To test potency of retained catheter
  2. To cleanse the bladder, relieve congestion
  3. To medicate mucosal lining of bladder
  4. To prevent clogging of retention catheter with calculus, sediment, blood clots and mucus


Key Points

1. Bring all equipment to bed side To save time and motion
2. Screen bed
3. Explain procedure to patient For psychological effect and gain cooperation
4. Place patient in a comfortable position
5. Cleanse area prescribed and drape To minimize introduction of infection to the bladder. Chilliness and embarrassment can cause tension
6. Catheterize patient To empty bladder and facilitate easy introduction of solution
7. Pour solution into bowl or kidney basin To measure amount of solution
8. Fill Aseptor or Tooney syringe To prevent introduction of air into bladder
9. Attach the syringe to the end of the catheter and press slowly and gently
10. After the desired amount of solution has been introduces, detach syringe and allow solution to flow out to sterile kidney basin
11. Repeat process until return flow is clear or until the desired amount ordered has been given
12. Excess outflow cab be discarded into a bucket For solution more than 500 cc
13. Wash all equipment with soap and water after use and dry Secretion, lubricant and other proteins  are easily removed when not coagulated
14. Leave unit in order

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