CNA Skills – Care of Nails


Key Points

1. Cut the nails then file To prevent nails from being brittle
2. Apply emollient like cold cream To keep nails and cuticles in goof condition
3. Cut the nails short To prevent dirt from accumulating underneath
4. Fingernails may be trim in oval fashion, but filing the nails too far down on the sides is contraindicated To prevent injury to the cuticle and the skin around the nail
5. Toe nails are cut square To prevent ingrown toenails
6. Hangnails are broken pieces of cuticles; they should be removed by cutting. Hangnails can be prevented by pushing the cuticle back gently with a blunt instrument or with a towel after washing the hands
7. Nails should be cleaned with an orange wood stick rather than with a metal instrument

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