CNA Skills – Catheterization – Female

CNA Skills – Catheterization (Female) is the introduction of Catheter through the urethra into the bladder for general purpose of withdrawing urine from the bladder.


  1. To get a clean specimen of urine as possible for diagnostic purposes
  2. To remove urine when the patient is unable to void or when it is not desirable for the patient to void
  3. Sometimes, to prevent bedwetting if the patient is incontinent
  4. To insure safety preceding an abdominal operation
  5. To determine whether the failure to void a normal amount is due to inability to expel urine from the bladder (urinary retention) or failure of the kidneys to secrete urine (suppression)
  6. To determine residual urine

Special Considerations:

  1. Catheter should be examined for defects before procedure is started
  2. Tip of catheter must be kept sterile always. Discard if sterility is doubtful
  3. Catheter must be inserted gently without force
  4. Once in place , secure catheter with adhesive tape to avoid slipping back and forth from urethra
  5. Gradual decompression of a distended bladder is safer procedure than a rapid removal of all urine


Key Points

1. Explain the necessity for the treatment To gain cooperation of the patient
2. Have patient lie on her back near the side of the bed most convenient for the caregiver
3. Place protector under the buttocks To protect linen
4. Raise the gown of the patient, flex knees, feet flat on the bed, legs well separated
5. Drape the patient properly To avoid unnecessary exposure
6.Give external douche
7. Put a sterile towel under the buttocks
8. Place a tray at the foot of the bed
9. Place a kidney basin at a convenient place
10. Adjust light
11. Put on sterile gloves
12. Holding the sponges with the right hand, moisten them with antiseptics. Strokes should be from the clitoris downwards, removing any secretion from the labia majora, separate and lift upward the labia majora with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand exposing the meatus
13. Lubricate catheter and insert into urethra gently about 1 ½ to 3 inches or until urine begins to flow out
14. If catheterized specimen is desired, keep the outer end of the catheter sterile until after the specimen is collected
15. When flow of urine begins to diminish, withdraw the catheter slowly about ½ inch at a time. Pinch catheter when urine ceases to flow, remove catheter gently and place it in the kidney basin
16. Dry the areas as indicated
17. Measure urine obtained
18. Wrap soiled cotton in paper and place in waste can
19. Rearrange clothing and beddings, leave patient in a comfortable  position
20. Wash all articles used and set catheterization tray for the next use

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