CNA Skills – Cleansing Bed Bath

CNA Skills – Cleansing Bed Bath is given to a patient in bed, done primarily for hygienic purpose


  1. To cleanse and refresh the patient
  2. To stimulate circulation and aid in elimination
  3. To promote passive exercise


    1. Report all abnormalities notice on the skin such as: pressure sore, inflammation, etc. to the immediate family or attending physician.
    2. The bath should be done quickly in a quit soothing manner and using even smooth and firm strokes.


Key Points

1.       Explain the procedure to the patient

To gain patient’s cooperation

2.       Prepare everything you need and bring to bedside

To save time and motion

3.       Screen the patient and close windows

To provide privacy and to avoid draft

4.       Cover the patient with cotton blanket and remove the top sheet by pulling it from under the blanket at the foot of the bed. Then take off patient’s clothing

To avoid unnecessary exposure of patient’s body

5.       Place one bath towel under the head and shoulders and one across the chest

To protect pillow from dampness

6.       Place the towel lengthwise under the patient’s arm. Holding just above the waist. Wash the shoulder, armpit, arms and hands. Then rinse and dry carefully. Do the same with the other arm. Uncover only one part of the body at a time and cover right away when finished

Observe the patient during bath and note down any reddened spots, rashes, sores or swelling

Be sure to rinse all soap from skin and dry thoroughly

Avoid unnecessary exposure of the patient’s body

7.       Put towel across the chest and abdomen and fold blanket down to the pubis. Wash and rinse chest and the abdomen, nothing all folds, then rinse and dry

Clean all body parts thoroughly

8.       Flex knees on side away from the nurse, expose leg. Place one hand under the knee and bathe leg with other hand. Bathe second leg in same manner

To give support

9.       Flex knees, put bath basin in position (bath towel with newspaper underneath) and soak foot in water for a few minutes. Holding foot with one hand (heel in palm of the hand) withdraw bath basin with the other hand. Dry foot. Bathe the other foot.

To keep patient comfortable during the procedure

To protect the bed

To soften hardened dirt in between toes

10.   Clean basin, replace with clean warm water. Turn patient to one side, wash, rinse and dry the back, rub with alcohol and brush with powder. Return to former position

To stimulate circulation

11.   Place towel under buttocks. Place wash cloth and soap within reach and ask patient to finish bath

In case patient who are unable to finish bath for woman

12.   Put on his clean gown or pajamas, comb his hair and make the bed. Place patient in a comfortable position

See to it that the signal cord is within reach and his unit is tidy before leaving the patient

13.   Care of fingernails and toe nails

14.   Clean basin with scouring powder, soap and water, rinse dry and return to proper place

To avoid the spread of organisms

15.   Place wash cloth ad towel neatly on rack on the bedside table

16.   Place soiled linen in hamper

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