CNA Skills – Colostomy Irrigation

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CNA SkillsColostomy Irrigation is the introduction of sterile solution through the artificial abdominal anus

1. To wash out the colon of feces, gas excess mucus, bacteria and any toxic agent that may be present
2. To promote healing of the obstructing lesion by gentle, warm irrigation
3. To give comfort to the patient
4. To teach the patient how to clean the colon
5. To establish good bowel habit

1. Strict aseptic technique should be observed throughout the procedure
2. Dressing should not be done during mealtime (it will destroy patients appetite)
3. Never rub stoma (opening)
4. Never use cotton


Key Points

1. Prepare equipment and carry to bedside To save time and motion
2. Screen bed and replace sheet with blanket To insure privacy
3. Explain procedure to patient To gain cooperation
4. Place patient on his back in semi-fowler’s position To make him comfortable and to facilitate drainage
5. Open binder and remove dressings with forceps and place in kidney basin
6. Place rubber sheet cover with one sterile towel at side of patient nearest colostomy opening
7. Put on rubber gloves Complete aseptic technique
8. Hang irrigator can stand not more than 18 inches above the wound. Expel air from tubing
9. Lubricate tube and insert catheter into proximal (upper) loop not more than 7 inches To facilitate insertion of the catheter
10. Turn patient towards affected site. Place emesis basin under the colostomy To empty loop
11. Wipe off catheter, lubricate it and insert into distal (lower) loop
12. Fill irrigator can with the solution and allow it to run smoothly
13. If patient complains of severe cramping and no solution is expelled through rectum, withdraw tube and allow solution to return through colostomy opening
14. Clean stoma and surrounding area with soap and water, dry and apply Benzoin To prevent irritation

After Care:
1. Dress the colostomy
2. Replace the binder

1. Wrap soiled dressing
2. Wash instruments and equipment and sterilize
3. Reset tray and cover

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