CNA Skills – Handwashing Technique

CNA SKILLS: Purpose of Handwashing

  1. To cleanse hand
  2. To avoid contamination, after touching any patient or contaminated surface
  3. For aesthetic reasons


Key Points

1. Turn on water to a comfortable temperature Avoid contaminating faucet by using paper towel when turning in and off faucet. If faucets are controlled by foot pedal or elbow levers, disregard paper towel
2. Wet your hand and apply enough soap to make heavy lather, rub vigorously, using one hand first and then another. Wash thoroughly for one (1) minute for each hand.
3. Rinse under running water
4. Repeat procedure no.2 for another hand
5. Clean fingernails with orange woodstock Pay special attention to fingernails
6. Rinse well under running water, allowing water to run over arms first, then hands flow off tips of fingers Upper portion of arms isles contaminated than the hands and fingers
7. Dry hands well with hand towel or paper towel, beginning with the upper elbow downward to the hands
8. Turn off water Use hand lotion if desired for chafing

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