CNA Skills – Isolation Technique

CNA Skills – Isolation Technique is a special measure of separating a patient and its surroundings with communicable (catching) diseases from other persons directly or indirectly.

It’s main purpose is to prevent the spread of certain diseases caused by germs which can be spread from one person to another.


Key Points

1. Assemble all equipment and supplies you need and take to unit To avoid too much movement in a contaminated area
2. Put on mask and precaution gown with clean hands For self protection
3. Proceed into unit and carry out all nursing care and procedures
4. Wash hands If hands are contaminated, do not touch anything that is to be kept clean
5. Take off gown Anything that has been in contact with the patient is considered contaminated
6. Take off mask
7. Take care of contaminated equipment and articles  By sterilization – by means of boiling or carbolization


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