CNA Skills – Oral Hygiene

CNA Skills – Oral Hygiene is the physical care given to the mouth and teet


  1. To cleanse the mouth
  2. To prevent formation of sores
  3. To prevent bacterial formation


Key Points

1. Prepare equipment and bring to bedside
2. Elevate backrest and place patient on a semi-sitting position. Place the towel across the chest and hold kidney basin under the chin
3. Assist patient if necessary When condition contraindicates a semi-sitting position, turn his face to one side along the edge of the bed
4. Place a small amount of toothpaste and pour a little water or mouthwash over it. Brush the teeth or allow patient to clean it whenever he can
5. Have patient rinse his mouth first with water. Wash with mouthwash and followed by water To rinse the mouth
6. Dry lips with towel. Apply liquid Vaseline to lips To prevent lips from cracking
7. Remove and clean articles used by patient and return to bedside table

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