Sample Questions for CNA Exam

1. Which of the following is an intake-and-output problem that the nurse aid MUST report?

a. The client states that he is not hungry.
b. The client requests a bedpan.
c. The client ahs not voided in eight hours.
d. The client’s eight-hour output is 600 cc.

2. Mrs. Brown’s water pitcher holds 600 cc. The pitcher is full at the beginning of the shift. Hallway through the shift, the pitcher is empty, and you refill it. At the end of the shift, the pitcher is one-half full. Total water intake for the shift.

a. 1,200 cc.
b. 600 cc.
c. 900 cc.
d. 300 cc.

3. Clients have the right to:

a. smoke in any area of the facility
b. have access to a telephone
c. go anywhere in the facility
d. see other clients’ medical reports

4. Proper use of a waist restraint requires that the nurse aide:

a. release the restraint every four hours
b. watch for skin irritation
c. tie restraints to the siderail
d. apply the restraint tightly so the client cannot move

5. To prevent the spread of infection, how should the nurse aide handle the soiled linens removed from a client’s bed?

a. Shake them in the air
b. Place them in a neat pile on the floor
c. Carry them close to the nurse aide’s body
d. Put them in the dirty linen container

6. A resident often carries a doll with her, treating it like a baby. One day she is wandering around crying that she can’t find her baby. The nurse’s aide should:

a. Ask the resident where she last had the doll
b. Ask the activity department if they have any other dolls
c. Offer comfort to the resident and help her look for her baby
d. Let the other staff know the resident is very confused and should be watched closely

7. A nurse aide is asked to change a urinary drainage bag attached to an indwelling urinary catheter. The aide has never done this before. The best response is to:

a. Change the indwelling catheter at the same time
b. Ask another nurse aide to change the urinary drainage bag
c. Change the bag asking for help only if the nurse aide has problems
d. Ask a nurse to watch the nurse aide change the bag since it is the first time

8. Before feeding a resident, which of the following is the best reason to wash the residents hands?

a. The resident may still touch his/her food or mouth
b. It reduces the risk of spreading airborne diseases.
c. It improves the residents morale and appetite.
d. The resident needs to keep meal routines.

9. Which of the following is a job task performed by the nurse aide?

a. Participating in resident care planning conferences
b. Taking a telephone order from a physician
c. Giving medications to assigned residents.
d. Changing sterile wound dressings

10. Which of the following statements is true about range of motion (ROM) exercises?

a. Done just once a day
b. Help prevent strokes and paralysis
c. Require at least ten repetitions of each exercise
d. Are often performed during ADLs such as bathing or dressing

11. Ensuring adequate circulation to tissues is a major factor in preventing skin breakdown. This can be accomplished by doing all of the following EXCEPT

a. positioning the patient every four hours.
b. using mechanical aids.
c. giving backrubs.
d. performing active or passive ROM exercises card

12. The purpose of cold applications is usually to

a. speed the flow of blood to the area.
b. prevent heat exhaustion.
c. prevent or reduce swelling.
d. prevent the formation of scar tissue.

13. The hot water bottle is an example of a

a. local dry heat application.
b. generalized dry heat application.
c. local moist heat application.
d. generalized moist heat application.

14. Clients receiving an enema are usually placed

a. on the right side.
b. on the left side.
c. flat on the back.
d. in a semi sitting position.

15. A NA can become familiar with a resident’s customs or cultural beliefs by:

a. reading books on cultural diversity
b. asking the resident where he/she is from
c. reviewing the information in the care plan
d. talking to coworkers who have a similar background

16. Which of the following is an example of verbal communication?

a. Speech
b. Body language
c. Nuances
d. Touch

17. Nonverbal communication is defined as:

a. Sending and receiving messages without the use of speech
b. Any communication where words or speech are used
c. Touching your patient in a reassuring manner
d. Keeping quiet when patients are in need

18. A device used to replace a missing body part that has been removed due to injury or disease is called a:

a. Rotation, external
b. Prosthesis
c. Cast
d. Replacement

19. An ombudsman:

a. Runs nursing home groups
b. Is designed to work with nursing homes to protect patient rights
c. Budgets and handles logistics for nursing homes
d. Prepares modules and outlines for nurse aides on specific topics

20. Which of the following best describes your role as a CNA?

a. Helps out the Resident Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurses
b. Works to ensure moral and ethical patient care
c. Follows a set of moral actions when conducting actions
d. Provides personalized assistance and care for residents/patients



  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. B
  5. D
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. A
  10. D
  11. A
  12. C
  13. A
  14. B
  15. C
  16. A
  17. A
  18. B
  19. B
  20. D

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  1. The test questions were really good. I would ask a few more medical terms questions to make sure that the applicant was familar with basic medical terms used in long term facilities or medical centers.

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