What is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)?

CNAAn abbreviation of CNA nowadays can instantly be correlated to Certified Nursing Assistant. These people are trained to assist the elderly or the incapacitated to perform daily activities of living. CNAs came into existence as the population of countries came to a point that there more elderly than before. The aging population may need help or assistance from the younger generation, and this includes the CNAs.

Certified Nursing Assistants primarily are responsible in bedside care. When registered nurses have a wider scope of practices, CNAs are there to help them in giving bedside care. Most of the CNAs activity may include the following:

  1. Changing the linens
  2.  Bathing the patients
  3. Assisting the patients in using the toilet
  4. Transferring the patients in to a bed or out of the bed
  5. Assisting the patients in mobilization or going around
  6. Assisting the patients in taking their food
  7. Monitoring the vital signs of patients

A special program is prepared for CNA to accomplish before they get certified. These programs are readily available in the internet with a minimal fee. Some of the lessons or trainings are in DVD or video format. A practicum is then set in order to help the CNA see what they are about to work on. The CNA program may also even include volunteer clinical exposure in order to train these CNAs to meet the demands of actual working set-up.

As CNAs work closely with patients, it is very important for the CNA to treat their job with dignity and respect. It is therefore their role to protect the name of CNAs. By being honest and providing a professional gap between the patient and the CNA, a special bond will then take place. Gaining the trust of patients is the goal of the CNAs so that they can perform well during bedside care.

Being a CNA may mean being sensitive to legal issues involved in taking care of patients. Most of the patients may be in a long-term care facility and with this issue, CNAs must take in mind to work ethically despite the numerous pressures around their work.

Aside from being able to work closely with different types of people, CNAs can gain a lot of experience as well as financially they are rewarded. With the popularity of this type of job, CNAs can earn annually from $30,000 to $50,000. CNAs must actually be open to the type of work environment they are working. Some may enjoy working in a hospital while others may want to work closely with one patient only. With the varied choices a CNA can make, one important thing that must be taken into consideration is that the role of the Certified Nursing Assistant in the health care team is unique as its name in short CNA.